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In writing this book, I started and run Intlschool in June 2006 with my two daughters and my wife. In order to think about world peace, my mission is to interview ambassadors to Japan, interview UN agencies, and publish articles on the website and newspapers. During the interview, I found that improving the literacy rate in emerging countries would be a clue to eliminate poverty. We called on ambassadors to Japan and people from UN agencies to raise the literacy rate. A pdf booklet showing the contents is posted on the website. It is a program that teaches children in developed countries to read and write directly to children in emerging countries.
I thought that it would lead to world peace if children who are not yet very particular about race, ethnicity, religion 7, tradition, and culture come into direct contact with each other and become friends. And I think that if we educate children in emerging countries and get them to work in better conditions, not only their own lives but also society will be stable. However, inequality at the national level cannot be resolved by literacy rates. It is meaningless unless every country has a stable environment where people can live other lives and has the same standard of living as the world. Currently, IT is sweeping the world and SNS is driving the world economy. The scholarship that forms the basis of this is physical electricity. Therefore, I made a book that can be learned in an easy-to-understand manner to help students who are interested in electricity, and completed it in December 2020. 
We hope that this book will help students in emerging countries. And I hope that it will be useful for adults who are already working. Life expectancy at this point is said to be one year. I would like to use the remaining time to reach those who need this book. This book is sold in Japanese Yen for 800 Yen. In the case of US dollars, it will be sold for 7 dollars. There will be a separate shipping cost. To apply, please email Intlschoolnet.

Electricity introductory guide