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Our Objectives


The International School Network was set up in June 2006.

​Our Objectives


1.) Establishing a network with participation of students from across the globe.

2.) Increase the public awareness and understanding on global issues.

3.) Have youth participation and representation during reflections and decision-making.

4.) Sharing of knowledge and information.

5.) Promoting the preservation of environment amongst youth.

6.) Work in close partnership with institutions.

7.) Deepening the understanding of different cultures in a milticultural soceity.


★In terms of world peace, we notice that poverty is a large cause of conflicts and crimes. We wish to prepare helping children in such situations who are in need of proper education. 


★Discrimination due to wealth and social status, race and nationality, and gender is very common around the world. We aspire to convey the importance of equality to children and to lessen the effect of stereotypes.


Our main objective is to promote the understanding of traditions, cultures, and religions of different countries, including those of Japan.


To do this, we are interviewing ambassadors and embassies to introduce the unique aspects of numerous countries across the globe through our newspaper and website.


Also to promote a deeper understanding of Japan to the rest of the world, we are interviewing and introducing faculties and events that relate to Japanese culture.


So click around, take a look at what roads catch your eye, and travel through the labyrinth of material created for you. Enjoy this page and send us your contributions for the enlightenment of the global family!

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