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Intlschool Network Members


These members research , interview, edit, and write in the International School Network.



Karen Nishina



Sophia University Faculty of Liberal Arts


My name is Karen Nishina. I am currently a student at Sophia University. I was born and raised in Kanagawa, Japan. I studied at an international school since kindergarten until middle school and transferred to a Japanese school in high school. I've been a member of the International School Network since my third year in elementary school. At the moment I speak English, Japanese, and a little bit of French. My hobbies are running and swimming. I started swimming since I was in elementary school and in high school, I belonged to the swimming club. Additionally, in middle school I belonged to the cross-country club and attended many races. 
In the future, I would like to work at the United Nations and I would like to contribute to world peace.

Assistant Director

Rena Sakai


​上智大学 国際教養学部

Sophia University Faculty of Liberal Arts

I am Rena Sakai from Sophia University. I’ve taken part in the International School Network as a reporter since March 2022. 
I’ve done baton twirling since I was five years old, and I spent my high school years in Richmond, California in order to join a US baton twirling team. I was awarded a grand champion, the highest score of all participants, at the California State Championship and the Western Regional Championship in 2019. Since baton twirling is an artistic sport, I also like dancing and gymnastics. 
As I experienced diversity in California, I began to have a stronger hope for a world where all people regardless of their gender, ethnicity, and physical and mental conditions, can live with harmony and a lot of smiles. My alternate goal is to create an inclusive society by promoting beautiful aspects of each culture around the world. To achieve this goal, I am currently expanding my knowledge of different countries as well as those of unique cultures through activities at the International School Network.

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Yuno Sudou 

​須藤 ゆうの

YOKOHAMA National University 

My name is Yuno SUDO. I study Material Engineering at Yokohama National University. 
I like cats very much because I grew up with a cat. That is why I belong to the Cat circle, which take care of stray cats in the campus of the university. I am also a member of CORE, a club making and launching rockets. As I have been interested in space development, my goal after the graduate is to work for JAXA. 
I had learned piano since when I was 4 years old so playing the piano is one of my hobbies. I also like painting and reading books. 
I have participated in the International School Network since December 2020. I hope I will help the world becoming better.

Chief Executive Officer

Masayuki Nishina



Chief Manager

Orie Nishina




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