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Maid Cafe in Akihabara Japan      @home cafe


Maid cafe instructions.

Introducing a cute and intelligent maid.

Maid song and Menu introduction.

I and Moe (a member of the intlschool network) visited the maid cafe in Akihabara. It was our first time in a maid cafe. The three maids welcomed us at the enterance. We followed the three maids and went in the cafe.

The three maids welcomed us to a seat. They introduced their names and then showed us the menu. We chose many foods/drinks.

We got 2 drinks, omlet rice, and 2 pafes. Their were many foods/drinks in the menu.

At first, our drinks came. Moe got a drink called "Furi-Furi-Shyaka-Shyaka-Mix-Jyuuchyu," We mixed liquid and said things to make it delisious. I got a "Matcha-Latte" Which has tea on the bottom and milk on top. The maid in the middle drew me a cute cat on the drink.

Secondly, our food came. (omlet rice) The maid in the middle drew us another picture {puppy (toy poodle)} with ketchup, It is very cute. To make the omlet rice better, we said things like this "Moe-moe-kiyuun!"

Finally, we got our desert (paffes). We said "pyonn-pyonn-pyonnpyokorin" and made it delisious. It was very delisious. After that we took a picture with the three maids. We wore a sheep ears hairband and did a heart sign. Just like the picture you can see on the right.


They are studying english, very hard for people from other countries. They have many maids from other countries. They have translated English, and  Chinese on the menu. The website is translated to English, Chinese, and Korean. They are presenting a chopstic that has a flag, Japan and your country. 

(Reported by Karen Nishina)


Karen Nishina  5th Saint Maur International School

Moe Onishi      5th Saint Maur International School


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