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On March 30, 2015, the International School Network visited the Australian Embassy in Japana in Tokyo, Japan to interview the Councellor (Public Affairs), Dr. Alexandra Siddall. 

This is a group photo. In the middle, Councellor (Public Affairs) of the embassy of Australia, Dr. Alexandra Siddall. On the left,

Public Diplomacy Assistant (Projects / AJF Secretariat) Public Diplomacy Section Ms. Kaoru Masuoka.

We exchanged our cards. The councellor Dr. Alexandra Siddall answered our questions.


Madoka Nishina   11th Saint Maur International School

Kate Shimizu       11th Seisen International School 

Karen Nishina       5th Saint Maur International School

Haruka Shiga        5th Saint Maur International School

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