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PANAMA  On Febuary 27th, 2015

The International School Network went to the Embassy of Panama to interview Ambassador Mr. Ritter N. Diaz.


The Ambassador commented that the Education system is unique everywhere in the world. Each country has something to focus on, and education is constantly changing. He mentioned that the focus of education is currently moving towards a reliance on digital technology.


The Ambassador also told us the importance of maintaining peace over war. He says that the price of peace is expensive, but is less expensive than the cost of war. He peace is expensive. This is demonstrated on the flag of Panama, where the red represents the liberal party and the blue represents the conservative party. The Republic of Panama was established when the two parties stopped fighting and made peace, which is represented in the color of white. They understood that the cost of war is too high, including the lives lost and the money spent on weapons and activities. Therefore he comments that whatever the cost, it is important to maintain peace and to prevent from going to war.


The Ambassador’s message to students is to “feed your brain with good knowledge”. He says that when you are alone without your parents, knowledge will help you survive in the future. He says that it is important to be wise enough to use the knowledge so you can help yourself and the community.



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(Reported by  Madoka Nishina)

The staff made us a sweet in her house called "Magdalena." It was very delicious. I want to search the recipe and make it.

The dresses were very cute and beautiful, it has many kinds designs.

(Reported by Karen Nishina)


Madoka Nishina   11th Saint Maur International School

Kate Shimizu       11th Seisen International School 

Karen Nishina       5th Saint Maur International School


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