Opening Ceremony of the Japanese Calligraphy Exhibition

“Memory of an Instant”

Works by Prof. Rodica Frentiu

The International School Network was invited to the Opening Ceremony of the Japanese Calligraphy Exhibition at the Romanian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibition was of impressive calligraphy works by proffesor Ms. Rodica Frentiu.

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At the begining of the exhibition, an opening speech was made by the Ambassador, HE Mr. Radu Serban. Another speech was done by Ms. Rodica Frentiu and Ms. Senshu Nishida introducing calligraphy.

We were able to hear Ms. Senshu Nishida's wonderful stories at the event.

She said that the traditional arts of Japan included the kanji of "dou (道)" which means "The Way". This includes Shodo (calligraphy), Sado (tea ceremony), Kado (flower arrangement), Judo (gentle combat martial art), Kendo (fencing), and Kyudo (archery).

She also told us her story of the importance of complimenting. When Ms. Nishida was a young girl, she wrote calligraphy on the shoji paper (paper on wooden sliding doors) at her house as child. When her father saw her work, instead of scolding her for writing on the shoji, he complimented her on her calligraphic handwriting. This is how she gained confidence in her abilities and started practicing calligraphy.

(Reported by Madoka Nishina)


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