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Messages to the Philippines from Japan by Intlschool Network 

Concierto de Flauta y Piano 

Ms. Viviana Guzmán (flute)


Ms. Mahani Teave (piano)

Huwag tayong patalo sa Bagyo!

Katulong at karamay ninyo kami sa pagbangon.

Kadamay ninyo kami.

Wag mag atubili na humingi sa amin ng tulong.

Mula dito  sa Japan, Pilipinas, karamay ninyo kami.


We were invited to interview Ms. Viviana and Ms. Mahani at the Ambassador's residence. Ms. Mahani and Ms. Viviana told us about the how music is close to the heart and how music is like a universal language of emotion.


Never lose to the typhoon!

We are always under the same sky supporting you.

We are always thinking about you.

Please tell us when you need anything.

We are supporting you from Japan.


Ms. Mahani states that dedication to classical music is hard work but is very rewarding at the same time. On Easter Island, her homeland, chlidren sing, play, and dance in everyday life, and so she says that everyone there is a musician. She was always in contact with music, as she learnt to play the Tahesian ukulele, guitar, and other instruments she found around the island. She says that the piano is wonderful, because she sees a whole orchestra in the music. Ms. Mahani believes that music, dance, and the whole artistic means of expression comes together as one. She decided to become a professional musicial after she went to a master class in Germany to perform and study, where she met an inspirational master singing and playing music with much emotion. This was when she clearly understood the value in why people dedicate their lives to music.




TO JAPAN 2015 30th March   (Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria)

Zuriel is famous for her documentaries that show the positive side of Africa and the promotion of girl child education. Some of her accomplishments include her being the youngest person featured in Forbes Magazine in 2013 at the age of 10, listed in New Africa Magazine at the age of 11 among 100 Africa’s most influential people in 2013 and was named the world’s most powerful 11 year old child in 2014 by the New York Business Insider magazine, among others.

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