Romanian Embassy 

Unification Anniversary Party  held in Tokyo, Japan

The International School Network was invited to the unification anniversary party at the Romanian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan

At the start of the party, the ambassadors lined up to greet us and each shook each other’s hands. I was able to meet many people, and enjoy delicious Romanian food, which was neatly laid out on the table. 

December 1st is a national holiday of Romania. It marks the Unification Day, or the Great Union Day, which is the date in 1918 when Transylvania, Crisana, Banat and the Maramures were unified with the Romanian Kingdom (which consisted of Moldova and Wallachia), as The Greater Romania.

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This was during the reign of King Ferdinand I. Since 1940, The Greater Romania has been a historical reference, because their territories were lost to other powerful nations during World War II.


This holiday is celebrated with a military parade, located in Bucharest, Romania. More than 380 troops march under the Arc of Triumph, and traffic will be closed from five in the morning to two in the afternoon.



Japan and Romania has had relations since the first bilateral diplomatic contacts in 1902. Diplomatic relations at legation level was established in 1917, and bilateral diplomatic relations were severed in 1944 and resumed in 1959. On June 1, 1964, diplomatic relations were served at embassy level. Three years later, the President of Romania came to Japan as an official working visit. Prince and Princesa Hitachi and afterwards Princess Sayako visited Romania in the year 1995 and 2002.


2002 marked the 100th anniversary since the first contacts between the two countries. The president of Romania made a visit to Japan and signed the "The Joint Statement on Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership between Japan and Romania.

(Reported by Madoka Nishina)


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