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Concierto de Flauta y Piano


Ms. Viviana Guzmán (flute)  and Ms. Mahani Teave (piano)


The International School Network was invited to a concert hosted by the Chile embassy.  The concert was held at Sogetsu Hall in Tokyo. Songs performed include world classics such as Bach's Ave Maria and Beethoven's Sonata, and Chilean songs such as S. Berchenko's Day y Recibir Son Lo Mismo and a traditional song from Easter Island, Himno Rapa Nui. Ms. Viviana also introduced various flutes from all over the world.


Ms. Viviana and Ms. Mahani met to play at a concert in Chile and since then they have been traveling and performing together.

They have been on tours in Asia, the United States, and in Chile.


Ms. Mahani established the first music school in Easter Island, her homeland. Because there were no music schools on the island, she had to leave the island at a young age to study music. With the support of the Chilean embassy, her school helped children of the island to study music.


Ms. Mahani founded the TOKI organization with her ex-manager and other people of Easter Island who believes in the social development of the island. TOKI is an organization that views the development of tools and skills in the lifes of the people of the island as steps that lead to the improvement of society. The first project of the organization had been the musical school.


Later we were invited to interview Ms. Viviana and Ms. Mahani at the Ambassador's residence. Ms. Mahani and Ms. Viviana told us about the how music is close to the heart and how music is like a universal language of emotion.



Ms. Mahani states that dedication to classical music is hard work but is very rewarding at the same time. On Easter Island, her homeland, chlidren sing, play, and dance in everyday life, and so she says that everyone there is a musician. She was always in contact with music, as she learnt to play the Tahesian ukulele, guitar, and other instruments she found around the island. She says that the piano is wonderful, because she sees a whole orchestra in the music. Ms. Mahani believes that music, dance, and the whole artistic means of expression comes together as one. She decided to become a professional musicial after she went to a master class in Germany to perform and study, where she met an inspirational master singing and playing music with much emotion. This was when she clearly understood the value in why people dedicate their lives to music.


Ms. Viviana plays music in many different forms, such as in duets or orchestras, and of different time periods. She expresses her interest in diversity of the types of music. Before playing the flute, Ms. Viviana had learnt the piano, accordion, and clarinet. She had always wanted to play the flute yet she was given the initial instruments, which helped her develop a musical base. She started traveling as a musician when she was 13 years old. While traveling, she came to realize that every country had developed their own type of flute, and so discovering the different types of flutes in the world had become like a treasure hunt to her. In total, she states that she has been to 123 countries, and acquired 100 flutes.


Ms. Mahani states that music is a universal language that has no need of translation, as it is the closest a person has to expressing what they feel without using words. She believes that bringing out feelings through music of any form will allow the music and its emotions to be felt by anyone if it comes from deep within, and this unites people and breaks social and language barriers. 


In Vietnam, Ms. Viviana had meet a blind flutist in the street. Although she didn't speak his language, she was able to join his performance and play the flute with him. She states that the music spoke directly to the emotions, making the music more powerful than any language can be.


Ms. Mahani also stated that music can be also a form of therapy, as it is a way of washing away strong emotions and cleaning your feelings to keep you healthy, pure, and noble.

Final messages:


Ms. Viviana stated that it is important to bring out whatever you have inside and be strong and confident about it. Bringing forward your unique and talented self will let you shine with confidence, power, and beauty. She says that this will allow everyone to see you as the unique beautiful flower that you are.


Ms. Mahani stated the importance of not forgetting who you are and your identity, and to embrace your beautiful culture and bring what is best out of it while protecting and saving it. She says that each one of us is born with much wisdom, so it is important not to forget what is important to you throughout your life.

(Reported by Madoka Nishina)


Madoka Nishina    11th Saint Maur International School

Yukika Tomizawa  10th Saint Maur International School

Karen Nishina        5th Saint Maur International School

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