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The International School Network went tothe Embassy of Chile in Tokyo. Weinterviewed the Ambassador, Mr. PatricioTorres. The Embassy of Chile was the16th embassy to arrive in Japan in 1899.The relationship between Japan and Chileis very long and meaningful.



Chile developed separately from the restof South America because of itsgeographical barriers. The geography ofChile ranges from jungles, lakes, andvolcanoes in the south, to deserts in thenorth where remains of prehistoriccultures are found. Nature andenvironmental situations are veryimportant to the people of Chile.

The people of Chile value personalfreedom and opportunities to succeed.Recently, the government has beenworking to improve the education inChile. A system was made that allowsstudents to apply to graduate schoolsaround the world for free.


Soccer is the most popular sport in Chile.The Chilean team played in the WorldCup, and the president of Chile postponedher visit to the United States to greet thesoccer team. This shows that the Chileansare proud of their soccer team, and howimportant soccer is in their lives.


Fiji is a beautiful country, hometo numerous species of endemicanimals, such as types of iguanasand parrots. Fiji is also a producerof delicious natural water. Thepeople in Fiji value respectfulnesstowards others, and they expresshistory and culture throughgenerations by traditional dancesand poems.

(Reported by Madoka Nishina)

Embassy sponsored concert

Ambassador's residence

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