The Czech Republic is a landlocked country, and there are few natural barriers that separate the country from the rest of Central Europe. The Czech people are very open minded and are interested in going abroad. The people in the Czech Republic value individuality, and so education, club activities and when to start work are up to each individual and their family. Tourist attractions in the country include beautiful cities, mountains, rivers, lakes, country sides, and architectural sites. 

Czech Republic - Ambassador of Czech Republic and her message


The international school network visited the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tokyo. There, Katerina Fialkovà who is the current Czech Republic Ambassador to Japan, welcomed us warmly in her embassy which has just been reconstructed. 


Although the official language of the Czech Republic is Czech, our interview was done in English as Ms. Fialkovà manages 5 other languages which include: English, German, French, Russian and Greek. We discussed governmental issues, comparing the systems in two countries Japan and Czech. Our main subject was the importance of compulsory education for children, as they are the future generations of the country. In Czech Republic, children start their education at six and have an compulsory education for ten years. We talked about how compulsory education gives equal opportunity for everyone, especially for women, and also let students explore their own interests.


Lastly, Ms. Fialkovà taught us about the importance of becoming an independent woman. She stated one name, Mitsuko Coudenhove Kalergi. She is one of the first Japanese women to emigrate to Europe, after marrying an Austrian diplomat. I think she is a person who we should all admire for being brave, stepping in to a new culture and environment at that time while being a women. Ms. Fialkovà her self is known as the first women ambassador from her country. Throughout the interview she taught us that women should have their rights, and we should not stop or give up just because of our gender. Always, “to reach for the stars and go far as you want. ” (Kate Shimizu)


Kate Shimizu



The International School Network went to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tokyo on June 30, 2014. We interviewed the Ambassador, Ms. Katerina Fialkova. She kindly answered our questions about the geography, culture, economy, and education of the Czech Republic, and about the country’s relations with Japan.


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