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Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama 


Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama (DSTY) is the oldest German school in East Asia. The school had started as a dwelling in Yokohama in 1904. Nine students from three countries attended the school at the time. The school had gone through two fires, the Great Kanto Earthquake, and two World Wars.

The school gained their own building when it was rebuilt in 1953, and then moved to Omori, Tokyo in 1967. The number of students increased as they moved back to Yokohama, which is where they stay to this day.We interviewed Ms. Nina Kurganova, who is responsible for the school marketing and promotions.

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Reasons of attending a German school

The education system here is same as that in Germany, so it is easy to enter a school when the students return back to Germany. Also, there is a German university qualification offered in our school called Abitur, which allows students to study all around the world. Students in this school can speak fluent English and German. In addition to English and German classes, Japanese and French classes are taught, each in their respective language. Lessons do not only consist of teachers who stand in the front of the classroom to lecture. The students have several opportunities to do group work and projects voluntarily. Students can learn while enjoying playing games.

Club Activities

This school is separated into elementary, middle, and high school. There are many club activities such as the cooking club, craft club, choir, drama club, and numerous sports clubs. Specific examples of sports clubs are hip-hop, dance, and taekwondo. The school sports team is called “Eagles”. Professional soccer players come to the school to teach the soccer players.



Things the school takes pride in

The school facilities are brilliant. There is an indoor pool at our school which allows students to swim during any season.

Secondly, our school has high technology. Computers, Smart Boards, and iPads are being used during classes. We believe that modernizing facilities is essential

Finally, our classes are very international. There are geography classes in English, and all English classes are taught by native speakers. Our school also focuses on heightening the level of our Japanese classes.

(Reported by Madoka Nishina)


Madoka Nishina   9th Saint Maur International School

Karen Nishina      3th Saint Maur International School


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