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The International School Network went tothe Embassy of Honduras in Tokyo on July2, 2014. We interviewed the Ambassador,Ms. Marlene Villela-Talbott. She kindlyanswered our questions after showing us apresentation that introduced the country ofHonduras. We received Honduran coffee t-shirts as a gift.

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The five stars of the Honduran flag showthe unity of the countries of CentralAmerica. Honduras borders 3 countriesand has several islands. Because Hondurasis near many countries, the people are usedto traveling and trading.

The people of Honduras are very open toother cultures. Honduran people valuefriendliness and hostitity.Honduras is a great producer of coffee,with about 100,000 family producers inthe country. The main ingredient ofHonduran meals is corn, similar to theMayan culture. People eat tortillas,grinded and cooked corn patty, morethan bread. Seafood is eaten in the Northand Pacific Coast.

(Reported by Madoka Nishina)


Madoka Nishina   11th Saint Maur International School

Yukika Tomizawa 10th Saint Maur International School

Natuki Yagi           3rd WASEDA University

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