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Approximately 60 years ago, two teachers, Ms. Emori Setsuko and  Mr. Matsunobu Mikio, founded the secondary school of Yamate Gakuin. They wanted to develop  internationalization and diversification of the future generation. The two teachers' educational ideals have been passed down to this day. The students of Yamate Gakuin are trusted to take part in the development of the world globally. With a total site area of 60,000 square meters, all four seasons flourish the environment of the school campus of Yamate Gakuin, starting with cherry blossom trees in the spring. There are approximately 7,000 trees and flowers on campus, with their species varying to more than 100.


Every year, students in grade nine (third grade in junior high school) homestay in Australia, and students in grade eleven (second grade in high school) have training programs in North America, allowing the students of Yamate Gakuin to jump into the world directly to grasp a global experience. Global student programs include "Return Visit", "Exchange Student", "United Nations High School Student Conference", "Short Stays from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand", and "Dayton, Walla Walla, Yakima, Pasco (USA) and Alberta (Canada) Scholarship Offers".


Since 2002, the school has started a program in which ninth graders (junior high school third grade) homestay in Sydney, Melbourne, or the Gold Coast districts in Australia during the beginning of November for seven days (six nights including"

"one night on the plane). This is recognized as being one step towards the school's international exchange activity. This opportunity allows the students to learn English, especially conversational English they don't learn in school classes.


Students from Yamate Gakuin have been visiting Canada and the United States for home staying since 1969. In the present, eleventh graders (second grade high school students) go to a city in Canada of the United States during mid-April for 16 days (15 nights) in pairs of two. During the two weeks, the students introduce and perform Japanese culture, and visit local school events for interacting with the global society.

Activities are substantial to fulfill the needs of the 2050 students of Yamate Gakuin. There are almost 40 club activities at the school. One activity, called "Nekorobu", is an activity that is rarely seen at other schools. At this club, students protect abandoned cats around the school. Recently, the school has been expanding the club by taking contact with the country's largest protective shelter organizations. The goal of this club is to provide a warm home to all cats.

The bicycle club is another rare club activity that is offered in Yamate Gakuin. In 1989, a bicycle club was set up for junior high school and high school students, for both boys and girls. During the weekdays, the members of the bicycle club would travel to nearby mountains or towards the Shonan coast. During the weekends or on holidays, they would go on trips or compete in races. Every year, they attend tournaments such as "Amino Cup" and "Mountain Bike Cup", maintaining outstanding results.  The school facilities are also very effective, helping the huge school body. The library, swimming pool, and cafeteria are very popular amongst the students.

The library offers not only Japanese books, but also DVDs, graphic novels, computers, and English books. There is also a peaceful desk space for students to study quietly.

I would like to thank the Assistant Principal, Mr. Ichiro Osawa, and the Student Council representative, Mr. Ikko Nishimura for helping us with the interview.

(Reported by Madoka Nishina)


Madoka Nishina 10th Saint Maur International School

Karen Nishina      4th Saint Maur International School


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