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90 years after the school was founded, students have been working actively on their studies, events, and club activities. I went to interview a public high school that is famous within Yokohama city, Midorigaoka High School. The principal, Mr. Tanaka, and three student council representatives, Ms. Akane Yoshida, Mr. Kensuke Yamamoto, and Ms. Kaori Sanada, have cooperated with us with the interview.




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What are your feelings towards the school? The students and teachers have very close relations with trust and friendly relations.


Why did you decide to take this interview? I wanted to get to know the lifestyles of different people and introduce our school.


How will you make use of your experiences from school in the future? I would like to reflect on my experiences earned from hard work in events and studies, to demonstrate that freedom comes from hard work and responsibility. 


What are your plans after graduation and what do you dream to be in the future? I would like to attend a national university to study mathematics and informatics and work with computer sciences. I would like to attend study social welfare in college and work as a medical social worker. I would like to study mathematics and sciences at a university, and teach students the love of sciences.

What do you enjoy the most about your school life? I enjoy everything- the activities, classes, and conversations with friends. Talking in English is also enjoyable!


How are the school facilities helpful for you school life? The building for different activities called "bushitsutou" is very helpful. Students use the building as a place to put our luggage and as a place to eat.


Do you take part in any activities? What is significant about the activities? I take part in the archery club. Our school is the only public school in the Kanagawa prefecture that offers this activity. I am in the fork-song club. I learnt to play the guitar when I started high school, and now I am able to sing while playing the guitar in front of an audience at school events. I belong to the Language and Literature club, where I wrote newspaper articles.






What are the jobs of the Student Council? The Student Council does not make commands to students. Our jobs include dividing the Student Council fund, presenting an activity orientation for the new students in April, fund-raising for donating twice a year, and setting up idea boxes for students to contribute their opinions and ideas.


The Student Council is also responsible for introducing the school to students who wish to join the school. With the teachers, we have a panel discussion answering questions and talking about school features.


What type of student would fit into the school curriculum the best? A student needs to have a clear reason why they want to study at Midorigaoka High School. It could be about what they want to do at the school, or it could be an inspiration. Also, a student should be able to think individually and express their thoughts through words.


What do you wish for your students to become? I would like my students to become influential people who make the future, live the future, and improve the future. I would like them to lead the future generation. For this to happen, all students are required to take the TOEIC exam, to have a seminar of a variety of activities including cooking and voice training, and to carry out a program called the "Science Caravan", which is an interesting program allowing students to think deeply about sciences and mathematics.


What is the entrance qualification for foreigners? As long as the student has graduated a Japanese middle school or has been living in the prefecture for a certain amount of time, they are qualified to enter our school. Our school also allows temporary students. If anyone wants to join our school for around a month, please contact us.



I would like to thank the school principal and the student council representatives for cooperating with the interview. My school, Saint Maur International School, is situated very closely to Midorigaoka High School, so I am looking forward to expanding our school connections.

(Reported by Madoka Nishina)


Madoka Nishina  10th Saint Maur International School

Karen Nishina      4th Saint Maur International School


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