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IThe International School Network went to the Embassy of Bahrain and interviewed the Ambassador, Dr. Khalil Hassan about his country, Bahrain. He also kindly presented books to us.

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The Kingdom of Bahrain is located in the central southern shores of the Arabian Gulf and on the western shores of the Persian Gulf. "Bahrain" means "two seas" in Arabic. One theory of the two seas of Bahrain is that the two seas represent the pure water on the island and the seawater around it. The pure water allows the country to be very green. Some consider that Bahrain was the location of the Garden of Eden. The ancient land of Bahrain was an trading point between  the Mesopotamian and Indus civilization.


Now the Kingdom of Bahrain plays an important role in financial banking in the Gulf region, balancing act in foreign affairs among its neighbors. Bahrain is a beautiful and harmonious country of a diverse community.

Kate Shimizu

Bahrain and Japan - Island nations benefit each other through trade

Bahrain and Japan’s national relation started in 1934 when the first oil ship was sent to Japan. Bahrain takes part of the Japanese economy, exporting natural resources. These include petroleum and aluminium products. This plays an important role in Japanese society as an energy source having oil as the primary fuel for the transportation systems. Prime Minister Mr.Shinzo Abe has visited Bahrain last August to ask corporations for future trade among Japan. 

On the other hand, Bahrain imports products from Japan which makes their economy diverse. As Bahrain aims to have an eco friendly environment to maintain their nature, they take in Japanese technology such as recycling methods and solar panels. Technology of Japanese solar panels is considered valuable as its manufacture is one of the world’s largest solar market in volume, having the most efficient mass production with thin film modules. 

Therefore, the economies of Japan and Bahrain are maintained by supporting each other’s needs by trading natural resources and their technological skills. The two countries fill in each others needs to build a perfect relationship like a puzzle. (Kate Shimizu)

(Reported by Madoka Nishina)


Madoka Nishina   11th Saint Maur International School

Kate Shimizu       11th Seisen International School 


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