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PERU  On April 10th, 2015

In 1899, April 3rd, 790 Japanese immigrants arrived to Callao, a seaport in Peru. They crossed the pacific, seeking for a better social and economic status. The diplomatic relations between Peru and Japan was established in 1873, as the first country in the latin America Region. Since then, Japan and Peru have a strong bond, forming new cultures of Japanese-Peruvians ancestors. 


On April 10th, 2015, the International School Network visited the Embassy of Peru in Tokyo.There, His Excellency Mr. Elard Escala who is the current Republic of Peru Ambassador to Japan, welcomed us warmly with his wife Madame Cristina Escala . He is the bridge, forming peace in the relationship between Peru and Japan today. 


The Geography of Peru has three main regions: the sea coast, highlands and the amazon rainforest. Its sea cost is 3 times longer than what Japan has. These geographic regions shape the interesting climate of Peru. As the regions vary greatly in the altitudes, Peru can have a climate where one city is summer while a city only 20km away has a climate of winter. This climate has formed the diverse nature of Peru, with the presence of special sort of animals including: Lama and Alpaca which provides good quality of hair used in the nation’s traditional fashion. Mr. Escala presented us the Quinoa Grain, produced form the unique nature of Peru. This is a grain crop, edible in the seed form. It includes all of the amino acids, proteins and vitamins needed for people to live.  The golden grain of Quinoa was officially declared as the "The International Year of the Quinoa” in 2013 by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It has also been appointed as the main food for astronauts in space. The geography of Peru is the main element that shaped Peru’s culture today, later forming a new family of Japanese-Peruvians. 

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(Reported by Kate Shimizu)

The International School Network visited the Peruvian Embassy and Residenceon April 10, 2015. We were welcomed by the Ambassador, HE Mr Elard Escala, and his spouse, HE Mme Cristina Escala. We were served a very delicious dinner and a helpful etiquette/manner class at the residence.


Madoka Nishina   11th Saint Maur International School

Kate Shimizu       11th Seisen International School 

Erika Suzuki        11th Seisen International School 

Kurumi Onishi     10th Saint Maur International School

Karen Nishina       5th Saint Maur International School

Haruka Shiga        5th Saint Maur International School

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