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PERU  EMBASSY On April 10th, 2015

The International School Network went to the Embassy of Peru to interview Ambassador Mr. Elard Escala.

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Our Visit to the Peruvian Embassy

By Kurumi Onishi

              On April 10th, 2015, the International School Network went to visit the Embassy of the Republic of Peru in Tokyo, Japan. It was a visit filled with heartwarming welcomes and pleasant surprises. What made the meeting so special and memorable was the fact that we were able to learn about Peru by not through our ears but we were able to learn by seeing and also tasting. It almost felt as if we were really in Peru. Because of this encounter with Mr. Elard Escala, the current Ambassador of the Republic of Peru, and his beautiful wife, Madame Cristina Escala, we were able to expand our knowledge about Peru and understand that apart from the famous Alpacas (which takes up the shocking 90% of the world population of Alpacas) and the Inca Empire; there was so much to learn from this nation. 

The Republic of Peru is one of the first nations to have established diplomatic relations with Japan. Our first diplomatic relation began approximately 142 years ago and Peru and Japan have been maintaining a good relationship ever since. As a result, at the moment, there are about 50,000 Peruvians living, the largest Spanish-speaking community in Japan.


              The Amazon Forest make up 60% of Peruvian land and Peru is three times bigger than Japan. Lima is the capital city of the nation and is located directly from the coast. Peru is a country that relies heavily on mining and the nation holds the position of the world’s best production in fishmeal. There are various types of potatoes, beans, and corns in Peru. The country is especially famous for the Quinoa, which is listed as one of the main foods for astronauts in space. Coffee production has been developing as well. As a result, Peru’s Tunki Coffee was awarded as the World’s Best Coffee in 2013. Astronomy is also much flourished and it has grown to become the best in the world over the last thirty years.

              Due to Catholic influences during the 15th to 16th century, Peru has become a religious country. However, Peruvians are supportive of all traditions. Many of the art pieces seen in Peru are fusions of western and native culture. Peruvian festivals can be a hundred percent native but could also include western culture in them too. Every town has its own unique festival with Costco, a festival related to nature, being the largest.


            Through our interview, Mr. Escala stated that what Peruvians cherish the most are their families. They believe that family is the core of society and Peruvians all have deep respect for them. He also mentioned that Peruvians are hard-working people. When asked if he had any messages to us, the International School Network, he commented that our reports are very interesting and that he enjoys how our reports are a positive way to introduce different nations.

It was very nice being hearing about the wonderful accomplishments of Peru and its people but we were also able to look through the embassy. Mr. Escala took us to a mini-tour outside the meeting room, where we were introduced to various different things such as food and clothing of Peru. We were even able to tour inside Mr. and Mrs. Escala’s splendid residence. It was interesting to hear different stories about some of the art works and interiors in the residence. We deeply appreciated the fact that they had invited us to their residence but we were even more overwhelmed when we found out that they had kindly prepared us all a dinner. We were presented by not only one dish but a delicious full course along with guidance in table manners. As young students who wish to have a global career, it is extremely significant to fully understand the table manners. Madame Escala taught us the importance of manners and how manners could be different according to different countries. We were able to enjoy a meaningful, memorable, yet an educational dinner with the finest cuisine. Through our meeting, I was able to learn that people from Peru are very kind-hearted and hospitable.

(Reported by  Kurumi Onishi)


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Kate Shimizu       11th Seisen International School 

Erika Suzuki        11th Seisen International School 

Kurumi Onishi     10th Saint Maur International School

Karen Nishina       5th Saint Maur International School

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