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PERU  RESIDENCE On April 10th, 2015

 Ambassador Mr. Elard Escala and his spouse Mme. Cristina Escala kindly showed us around their residence, introducing various aspects of Peruvian culture and tradition through decorations and art pieces.

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In front of the Peruvian Ambassador's residence, there were doll figures playing traditional musical instruments. There was also a beautiful stone shining in a golden color.

This is an traditional copper still, used to exttract alcoholic beverages.

These art pieces are models of a cathedrals, with the height of about one meter. The Ambassador explained to us that this altarpiece combines both traditional and Christian aspects.

The Ambassador introduced to us various Peruvian crafts.

The Ambassador is the recipient of various awards in many different countries.

Madame Escala introduced to us a beautiful traditional Peruvian pot and also showed us a handmade cushion.

Ambassador Mr. Elard Escala and his spouse Mme. Cristina Escala presented us very generous gifts such as Peruvian crafts and information pamphlets.


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