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Fujiya Hotel in Japan  

富士屋ホテル 客室

Guest Rooms

There are a variety of buildings for accommodation in the Hotel, as explained in the previous Exterior section, allowing for a variety of styles. The decoration and functionality of the rooms we stayed in were excellent. The rooms were very spacious and luxurious. The furniture was exquisite, and the beds were large and comfortable. Behind the lovely curtains of the windows we were able to enjoy the view of the garden of the hotel and scenery of Hakone, as well as of Mt. Fuji in the distance. The well-furnished rooms were each equipped with a CD player (with a CD for classical music), filter coffee, a mini-bar/refrigerator, a television, an air conditioner, a variety of toiletries, stable wifi, and most likely any other hotel room amenity that one can think of.  (by Madoka)

The picture shown above shows the rooms. The picture in the bottom left shows the Chaplin's room. Chaplin is a comic actor, filmmaker, and composer who rose to fame in the silent era. The other pictures show the rooms we stayed in.   (by Karen) 

The private bathroom that came with the guest room was very traditional and old-fashioned. They feature natural hot-spring water. We did not take a bath there but we can confirm that the bathroom was very clean and spacious.   (by Madoka)

The bathrooms are very traditional.  This bath showed above is the Chaplin's rooms, bathroom. It is called the Chaplin's room because Charlie Chaplin has once stayed in the room.    (by Karen) 

We had so much fun at the hotel. There were comfy beds that we enjoyed sleeping in. The room had great music on. The picture on the bottom left shows us eating our dinner (lunch); we bought our breakfast and dinner from the convenience store nearby.    (by Karen) 

Slippers and Japanese yukata dressing gowns were provided in the rooms.


The customer service of the hotel is excellent, with kind and accommodating staff. English speaking staff are present.  (by Madoka)

As school students, we had a strict budget. We were  unable to eat at the hostel restaurants, so we bought breakfast and dinner at aconvenience store.

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