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Fujiya Hotel in Japan  

富士屋ホテル 中庭


The Fujiya Hotel is equipped with a very large and beautiful garden.

Next to Annex Kikka-so Inn building the garden features a Japanese-style koi (carp) pond. The beautiful scenery and colorful koi along with the red bridge that crosses over the pond evokes a very peaceful atmosphere, making it a wonderful place to relax and take commemorative photos. You may also buy dry fish food to feed the koi as well.  (by Madoka)

The Fujiya Hotel offers a very large garden which takes about 30 minutes to fully walk around. The garden contains numerous seasonal flowers and trees growing in a very tasteful manner. We recommend that visitors put aside hours to enjoy and explore this beautiful garden. Features of this garden include a Japanese style koi (carp) pond as mentioned before, a small water mill, a lovely greenhouse, an outdoor pool, an English garden, graceful pergolas, and a little open chapel with a bell that overlooks the valley. The greenhouse is operated using heat from the hot spring.  (by Madoka)

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