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Fujiya Hotel in Japan  


Facilities in the Fujiya Hotel include gardens, pools, spas, a massage salon, restaurants, a café, a bar, and various shops. 

The picture on the left shows the pool in the hotel. Even though we brought our swimsuit, we were able to borrow a swimsuit from the hotel. We swam after we ate dinner and we also swam the next day in the morning. There were floaties where we were able to practice swimming. When we became cold, we went in the hot tub beside the pool.  (by Karen)

The pool we went in was the indoor pool but there was also an outdoor pool.  (by Karen)

The Fujiya Hotel has two pools, one indoor and outdoor, as well as a hot spring spa (onsen). The onsen is small yet lovely. We swam in the indoor pool and it was very large, clean, and refreshing. The water used in the pool was of natural hot spring water, same as the spa water. There were swimming floats, beach balls, and swimming boards free to use. On the side of the pool was a smaller pool with warm water, perfect for warming up your body in between swimming in the colder main pool. The hotel lends out basic bathing suits for free. Although we only swam in the indoor pool, the outdoor pool also looked very clean and nice. The outdoor pool is available for use during the summer.

At the entrance of the hotel there were comfortable chairs and wooden puzzles.  (by Madoka)

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