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Fujiya Hotel in Japan  

富士屋ホテル 歴史


The Hotel’s very colorful history is displayed in the hotel’s own museum. They feature various objects and information about the hotel’s activities and famous guests from many years ago. There even was a display of the restaurant menus that changed over time.   (by Madoka)

Chaplin’s Room is a guest room that commemorates Charlie Chaplin’s stay at Fujiya Hotel. There are many special features of the room, including the replica of Chaplin’s hat and walking stick, and the bell shaped windows. The room also has a complimentary Charles Chaplin key ring.   (by Madoka)

Chaplin is not the only famous figure who has stayed at this hotel- with over a century of exotic history, the hotel has hosted numerous visitors, including General McArthur, Helen Keller, John Lennon, Prince Albert (later George VI) of the UK, the Swedish Crown Prince, Emperor Showa, and the current Emperor and Empress of Japan.  

John Lennon’s favorite spot in the café is marked. More details about the facilities are written on the facilities page. (by Madoka)

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